Technology On Demand

New emerging media is on demand consumers like to have instant access for what they are looking for. One of the easiest forms of that communication is through a mobile device.

How can these sources maintain the ability to always be on demand? Some of the new transformations that have been made is one with battery life on a mobile device.



Key Ring more than Mobile Application

One new application that interests me via my mobile device is called Key Ring. This application allows for consumers to have access to multiple rewards programs on your phone. Consumer’s rewards cards can be loaded through this application, so no more stuffing your wallet with tons of rewards cards and trying to find them once you reach the register. The cashier can scan the bar code on your phone. This allows for timelier transactions and ease of mind for consumers.
Check out other blog spots in regards to key ring, who isn’t interested in mobile coupons.
“More than five million users have downloaded the free Key Ring app to scan and store existing loyalty cards, join new rewards programs and get mobile coupons and other promotional offers delivered to their smart phones. With Key Ring, consumers have a simple solution to access their digital coupons, digitize their loyalty cards, join new loyalty programs, manage their accounts online and share their cards and offers through their social networks and email. Consumers also receive location-based mobile coupons and other promotional offers.” (Brit 2012)
Some smartphone applications will relieve you of having to lug around a deck of reward cards for supermarkets and retail outlets, offering not only convenience but reduced pocket clutter.
And, if you’re intent on posting your every move as a social-media event, such apps help to turn a trip to the drugstore into a likable moment among your Facebook friends.
These apps include tutorials that explain how to get your loyalty and reward accounts loaded into the phone and ready to flash at the cash register. And they provide ways for users to find stores and access additional merchant discounts, such as e-coupons. Kanaley, R. (2012, May 9).

Keeping the bar code organized.

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Emerging Media

The world as we know has continued to change and at a rapid past, my personal opinion is that this occurs due to emerging media. Emerging media allows for companies to create relationships with their consumers. If you sit back and think about it how many websites and companies can now be accessed from not only a laptop but through a mobile application? Connections have been made for consumers turning games like angry birds into fashion giving its customers a chance to support the brand and build a relationship. Emerging media now has effects on the manner and which we learn. Digital media has forced those in education to use a different approach. The biggest and most powerful that to me gives a back bone to emerging media is social media. Social media has given consumers the power of connection with other people with similar views and opinions as themselves. “The power of social media is indisputable. This power goes well beyond the ability to share with friends and family news about birthdays and to make unwanted connections with long-forgotten fellow students from high school (Cohen2012).”


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